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I bought a small NUUK chair and it is amazing! Easy to assemble, excellent design and, of course, very convenient. Bigger than I expected! So, make sure you have enough space for it. I recommend it!

The NUUK chair set serves perfectly in our family pizzeria Vīnkalni Pils Māja both in summer and in winter. Customers in these chairs even tend to fall asleep in the sun. 🙂 Kids love to use NUUK chairs for climbing! Highly recommended!

Last summer we bought a large NUUK chair for our terrace. We honestly can say that this chair is not only our favorite, but also the most favorite seat of our guests. We are planning to buy another one soon, so that there is enough space for everyone! And the best part is that you don't have to focus on cleaning it.

nuuk chair

NUUK design lounge furniture are designed in a minimalist Nordic style, focusing on the durability of the metal, the simplicity of the textile mesh and the basic principles of human well-being. It truly is a pleasure both for your eyes and your body.


We have made sure that our chairs will delight you and your loved ones for a long time – as they are made of stable, secure and durable structural connections. The carabiners and the textile mesh are connected by a durable loop, making sure one chair can withstand weight up to 180 kg. Both the chair and also the NUUK table frames are made of a zinc mixture. They do not rust, so they can be safely stored outside all season long without need to worry about first raindrops or snow.


One of our core values ​​is practicality – that is the reason why NUUK chairs are not only easy and quickly to fold, but also easy to disassemble for simple moving in the event of a change. One of the most practical features of the textile mesh is its convenient care, so you don’t have to worry about spilled drinks and stains, because it dries very quickly, and unwanted dirt doesn’t stay on it.


We believe that comfort should be available in any place and time, – that is why we have thought about every detail to make sure that NUUK chairs are an amazing experience of comfort. NUUK chair will perfectly adapt to your body shape, and on a warm summer evening, you will feel constant ventilation. Thanks to the best properties of the textile mesh, the seat surface does not heat up in the sun.


Combining knowledge, experience and the highest quality standards, we have made our lounge chairs convenient to use all year round – in the summer – outdoors, relaxing in the backyard garden, and in the winter – either by bringing the chair indoors and refreshing the interior by creating a stylish and cozy area to rest with houseplants or other elements, – or just by keeping it all year around as an exterior element.

NUUK table

NUUK table with a birch plywood surface is available in 2 different sizes. It can serve both as an additional element to the chair, on which to rest your legs for an even more comfortable NUUK chair experience, and, of course, – as a modern industrial-style table for everyday needs. NUUK design lounge furniture together form a great combination that will fit in different designs!

Comfort and coziness combined with
the ascetic charm of urban industrialism

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